Desperate Duggars Trying To Pitch TLC Show Based On Child Abuse

The reality TV family wants to help victims of sexual abuse — the sort of crimes they covered up.

from 19 Kids and Counting

Ever since it was discovered that 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar molested two of his sisters and another girl when he was a teen, the family's reality TV career has crumbled.

It wasn't just the discovery of the crime; it was the fact that the family had tried to cover it up. Also, when the truth was finally uncovered, the Duggars tried to act like Josh was the victim instead of his actual victims.


The whole thing was gross and horrifying, and it resulted in their show being canceled. The family fell from grace because that's what will happen when you try to protect a child molester.

Unfortunately, the Duggars still want to be reality TV stars so they’re pitching a new show. 

They want to do a show where members of the family provide Christian counseling to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Take a moment and let that sink in.

The Duggars, who covered up their son's crime of SEXUALLY ABUSING A CHILD want to give advice to people on how to deal with thing that THEY REFUSED TO DEAL WITH.


The Duggars are literally the last people anyone should go to for advice on dealing with sexual abuse. That would be like having Charles Manson give advice on dealing with the voices in your head. Manson's just going to tell you to listen to the voices.

It's scary to imagine what advice the Duggars would give victims. The fact that they think this is even a potentially good idea shows how out of touch with reality they are.

This is the problem with reality TV — it has to adapt to reality. The reality of the Duggars is that they're hiding some true darkness within themselves. Audiences were given a glimpse of that darkness, and now they can't go back to appearing wholesome.

The Duggars' story has changed, whether they like it or not. The problem is that they still clearly have a distorted view of events. They want to return to reality TV as moral authority figures, which is insane.


The Duggars weren't the victims of anything other than their own machinations. They have to go get yelled at by Dr. Phil a couple of times before they can even think about moving past this.

This whole thing reeks of desperation, but what else would we expect? This is how being a reality TV star ends. The whole reason that people end up on reality TV is because they don't have any skills.

If they had skills, then that's what they'd be famous for. Even reality TV shows that don't end in controversy kill the career of the stars. What's the majority of the cast of The Jersey Shore up to right now?

The Duggars aren't the first stars to fall from grace. The difference is that now, the whole fall is cataloged for the public. 


The family needs to get fixed — but they also need to do that in private. They just don't know what privacy means anymore.

At the very least, we should all learn this: If you're going to try and sell yourself as a reality TV star, you can't be living a lie.

Reality is what the Duggars were selling. It's like we found out that Milli Vanilli were lip syncing all over again, except way, way worse.