2 Signs You're In A Couple Bubble (And It's Saving Your Marriage)

What's your marriage like — can you read each other like a book, reach mutual decisions, and unconditionally support each other?

If so, you're doing this marriage thing right because the most successful marriages are those where you are completely in sync with your partner.

Psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Stan Tatkin explains this strong emotional and psychological connection as the "couple bubble", which "is basically the idea that two people are connecting to each other from the outside world. It's us against them — me and you against the world."

The couple bubble is based on a deep bond, love and trust. And here's why it's making your marriage a whole lot smoother: 

1. You put each other first.

On your wedding day, you made the lifelong commitment to deeply love and expertly care for your partner. While you have other family members and close friends in your life, your spouse's wellbeing comes first.

2. Parenting becomes a LOT easier.

When it comes to parenting, you two are an impenetrable force. You both agree on the decisions you make for your kids and stick to them (no matter how much your kids try to nudge you in different direction), which makes them equally respect both of you. Because of this, your kids have an equal respect for both of you, which makes parenting (and your marriage) much simpler.

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