The 3 Weird Things People Refuse To Do For A Friend

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3 Things People Refuse To Do For A Friendship

We love our friends and we would do anything for them. In the words of the infamous Stevie Wonder hit, "Through good times and bad times, I'll be by your side forevermore. That's what friends are for."

Friends are there to give advice, listen, and do the craziest things with. Friends go with each other shopping and friends provide each other with a shoulder to cry on.

But how far would you go for the sake of friendship?

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Skout, the app that helps you meet people to expand your social circle, conducted a friendship survey in 2015 among 1,500 Skout users in the U.S. 

9 Crazy Things People Would Do For A Friendship

Here are some of the craziest things people would do in the name of friendship.

1. Get a wax

Eighty-four percent of women said they would help a friend remove some of that pesky body hair. Meanwhile, 54 percent of men said they would help a friend with "manscaping."

2. Donate a kidney

Eighty-one percent said they would donate their kidney to a friend in need if they were a match.

3. Be the designated driver

Fifty-nine percent were willing to stay sober during a night out for the sake of an inebriated friend. Besties before beers!

4. Jump out of a plane

Despite fears of heights, 56 percent would willingly go skydiving if a friend wanted to.

5. Help with car troubles

Ninety-two percent said they would drop whatever they were doing to help a friend whose car broke down.

6. Tell the honest truth

Even if it hurts, 92 percent said they would honestly tell their friend if their outfit is terrible.

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7. Help with a move

Seventy-seven percent said that between the choice of watching the biggest sports event of the season and helping a friend move into a new home, they would choose the latter.

8. Go to a concert they hate

Seventy-seven percent said they would accompany a friend to their favorite band's concert, even if they, themselves, hate the music.

9. Cat-sit

More than 55 percent said they would cat sit their friend's furry friend, even if they are allergic.

3 Crazy Things People Wouldn't Do For A Friendship

But just like with anything else, there are limits to friendship. The same survey found that there are a few instances where friends draw the line.

1. Get matching tattoos

Only 46 percent would get matching tattoos with a friend.

2. Follow their friend to a new city

Only 38 percent said they would move to a new place if their friend moved there.

3. Break up with a significant other

Only 29 percent said they would break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend if their friend didn't like them.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in August 2015 and was updated with the latest information.​

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