Eat This Fruit Before Drinking And Boom — No Hangover!

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You're about to get your drink on. Well, you're an adult and it's a bachelor party/wedding/Saturday night. You enjoy imbibing from time to time but you don't enjoy having a hangover the next day.  

Hangovers usually involve a combination of headache, upset stomach, thirst, food aversion, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, and an overall feeling of crappy. You'd like to avoid this if at all possible.

What you normally do is drinking a lot of water and take two aspirin before you go to bed. You've also heard that drinking ginger or peppermint tea will help with the post-drinking stomach issues, coffee can help with headaches, and that asparagus can protect the body from booze.

Nutritionist Alyssa Cellini told Medical Daily that eating bananas and pretzels are a good way to go about helping to cure a hangover because they prevent further dehydration.

You could ingest all that ... or you could just ingest Asian pears before you begin drinking. In an article in Elite Daily, scientists at Australia's CSIRO says that eating pears before you drink your weight in alcohol can majorly reduce your potential hangover.

CSIRO says, "As well as finding that pears lower cholesterol, relieve constipation and have anti-inflammatory effects, it also appears they can ward off hangover and lower blood alcohol levels."

Now, don't go stocking up on Bosc, Red Anjou, or Comice pears. CSIRO research director Manny Noakes says, "At present, studies have only investigated the Korean (or Asian) pear, which has long been a traditional remedy for alcohol hangover. So far the effect has been seen from consuming 220 ml off Korean pear juice, although consumption of whole pears may produce a similar effect."

Another benefit of consuming an Asian pear before consuming massive quantities of alcohol? It helps reduce memory loss, so you'll be able to remember all the embarrassing things you did while you were blitzed out of your mind.

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