This Is What Tom Cruise's Penis Looks Like, In Case You're Interested

Photo: Warner Bros.
Tom Cruise from Risky Business

Apparently, Tom Cruise is a naked Jesus.

Scientologists are a weird group, but that's not saying anything new. Even they have their limits, apparently.

Artist Daniel Edwards created a 14-foot shroud that depicts a naked Tom Cruise as a tribute to the actor's 25-year long commitment to the church.

He was very generous in depicting Tom Cruise's little Tom Cruise. But it's unclear if the artist knew the exact measurements or if he just guessed. The church, however, claims they didn't ask for it and they don't want it.

This is one of those gifts where we really hope they cleared it with Tom Cruise before presenting it to him. You don't just show up to a party with a naked sculpture of somebody attending that party and not warn them ahead of time.

Source: Daniel Edwards

Could you imagine someone giving a gift like this you as a complete surprise? Imagine someone being like, "Hey, happy anniversary! Here's a public art display featuring a nude sculpture of you!"

The church has denied having any involvement in this, and say they want no part in it. Do you know how weird something has to be for the Church of Scientology to be like, "Whoa, we want nothing to do with that!"

That officially makes this the weirdest thing ever.