16 Struggles Only Chronic Nail-Biters Will Understand

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Nail biting is probably the most common bad habit, besides smoking cigarettes. We've all been there, about to head into a stressful situation when you look down and realize you've bitten off any nails you've been attempting to grow.

You've been through the painful process of a hang nail after biting too much, and you've also dealt with judgmental looks and nudges from people who just don't understand the necessity behind your nail biting.

It's been happening for as long as you can remember and no matter how many times you've vowed to quit, you just can't. 

Here are 16 things nail biters know all too well:

The annoyance every time someone tells you to stop biting your nails.

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Nail Biter 1

When you're nervous, biting your nails is literally the only solution to anxiety ...

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Nail Biter 2

... and the solution to boredom.

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Nail Biter 3

You're pretty self-conscience about your hands.

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Nail Biter 4

Quitting is about as difficult as a smoker trying to stop smoking.

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Nail Biter 5

Most people can't understand why you don't just stop.

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Nail Biter 6

You don't even notice that you bite your nails anymore.

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Nail Biter 7

All those hangnails got you like ...

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Nail Biter 8

Blood from all that nail biting can get crazy.

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Nail Biter 9

There's a constant struggle between wanting a manicure and keeping one in tact.

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Nail Biter 10

The ladies at the nail salons judge you.

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Nail Biter 11

The most exciting thing is when you've actually allowed your nails to grow out, even a little bit ...

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Nail Biter 12

... except for that inevitable moment when you epically fail and bite them ALL down again.

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Nail Biter 13

Nothing is worse than remembering all the years your mom was on your case about biting your nails.

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Nail Biter 14

There's a continual fear that someone may propose to you while your nails are at their worst.

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Nail Biter 15

You're desperately trying to not bite your nails while you read this.

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Nail Biter 16