This Is What Nicky And Alex From Full House Look Like Now

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As if we needed another reason to feel old, Full House's Nicky and Alex are no longer the teeny-tiny cutie pies that everyone loves and remembers.

Now, Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit are 24-year-old cutie pies. They are confirmed to return for the Netflix reboot of Fuller House. And rumor has it that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen might be joining the cast as well, so it's the double ... quadruple? ... the fun.

Check out what these cuties look like today:

This is Blake AKA Nicky (pssst ... he's also a firefighter now).

Photo: Instagram/zeerow1129

And Dylan AKA Alex:

Source: Instagram/dcchillinn

Our pre-teen selves are swooning over how well they've aged. ​Are you as excited for Fuller House as we are?