This Is What The Perfect Penis Looks Like, According To Women

What makes a penis perfect?

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At last, science has come up with a study we can get behind. The study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, is entitled "What is a Good Looking Penis?" But the study itself focuses on a particular type of penis: men with surgically corrected Hypospadias. 

Hypospadias is when a man's urethral opening is not in the normal position at the top of the penis. Researchers wanted to find out what penile aspects were important to women, and whether they thought men who had undergone the surgery to correct the Hypospadias had weird-looking penises. 


Photo: Mayo Clinic

The researchers asked 105 women to rate the importance of eight penile qualities on a 5-point scale, ranging from very unimportant (1) to extremely important (5). These qualities included length, girth, position and shape of urinary opening, known as the meatus. Researchers also asked about the shape of glans and penile skin, scrotum, pubic hair, and general "cosmetic" appearance.


No one is really sure what they meant by "cosmetic appearance", but I'm going to guess it was the overall look of the penis (as if the penises were in a kind of beauty pagent — but without the talent or bathing suit portions).

The findings weren't really surprising, and suggested that women find general cosmetic the most important aspect, maybe because it was the one aspect most open to interpretation. The position and shape of the meatus were considered the least important aspect of penile appearance.

Contrary to the cliche about size, length was only rated as the sixth most important aspect, girth was rated third, and pubic hair was rated second. However, the study was so small that it's difficult to generalize the findings.

Overall, when trying to figure out what makes a good-looking penis, researchers found that there was no single penile aspect that was essential. 


I guess we're going to have to have a "Best Looking Penis" contest of our own.