Why It's Seriously AWESOME That Donald Trump Never Apologizes

Photo: CBS
Donald Trump and David Letterman from The Late Show

Donald Trump doesn’t apologize. It's not what the Trump brand does. He says whatever he wants to say, and then when people get upset, he just doubles down on the original statement. If you don't like it, well, then too bad, because he's not saying sorry to anybody.

I don't agree with anything the guy says, but I do love the fact that he refuses to apologize. Not because I think apologies aren't worthwhile, but because it makes it clear exactly who Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump is like that person who you date for a bit who is just completely wrong for you. Deep down, you know that there's no future, but it seems fun for the moment. They say things you would never say, they do things you would never do, and that's exciting at first.

Then you remember why you don't do or say those things. You're like, "Oh, this person is awful. I have to get out of here!" Maybe it's a little embarrassing when you finally realize that, but it's good in the long run. Dating that mess helped you realize what you really wanted. They helped you realize that yes, immigration is an important issue, but you don't hate Mexicans. In fact, you know a bunch of people from Mexico and you like them. You want immigration reform, but only in ways that help everybody, not just people born in the United States.

People will realize that they liked the idea of Trump, but not the actual person. Just like you liked the idea of Brock, but you didn't like how Brock threatened babies with knives. It'll force politicians to start being somewhat honest and truthful when they talk, but it will also show them not to act like complete lunatics on stage. (Hey, maybe insulting entire ethnic groups and war heroes is a bad idea?)

That’s what Trump is. He's America's terrible boyfriend. He's not our rock bottom, but he is our moment of clarity. He'll help us realize what we really want, and that's a good thing

And what we really want is Beyoncé to be President.