6 Honest Men Reveal "Sexy" Things Women Do That Aren't Sexy At All

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Being sexy isn't easy. Sometimes you exude sexiness naturally; sometimes you pull it off with charisma; other times, you just fail ... miserably.

Everyone has a few "go to" moves that they pull out when they're trying to impress — flirty moves that can grab someone's attention and get their heart racing. The problem is, there are some moves that just never work.

Hey, you can't win em all. It's best to purge these from your playbook, like yesterday:

1. Making the duck face in ANY pictures.

"Honestly, I thought we've established for years now that the duck face is the antithesis of sexy. Yet somehow, Instagram and Twitter are plagued with it."

"Smiles are sexy. Normal faces are sexy. Duck face just screams of 'I'm trying way too hard.'"

2. Eating phallic foods suggestively.

"Hollywood seems to think that giving a BJ or a lollipop or banana will turn a guy on. Usually I just think about the food that's going to waste."

"People don't think miming other sex acts are hot, so why this one? It's like when someone mimics penetration by sticking their index finger through a hole created by the thumb and forefinger on their other hand. It's just silly."

3. Going WAY overboard with makeup.

"I get it, everyone has different styles and women aren't doing their makeup for ME, but when it happens it's an instant buzzkill."

"There's a reason not everyone is a professional makeup artist. Not everyone is that good at doing super complicated makeup. I'd rather she err on the side of caution than look like Ronald McDonald. Less is more."

4. Taking beach leg selfies.

"If you want your legs to look like hot dogs, I guess this is the best way. Regardless, I'm not feeling it."

5. Baby talk in the bedroom.

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"Nothing kills the mood faster than a woman talking like a child. It almost makes me feel like a pedophile or something when it happens."

"It's all just a little too creepy."

6. Acting dumb or helpless.

"I don't know if it's for attention or what, but it drives me crazy. One, there's nothing attractive about someone who's unintelligent or can't do anything without help. Two, we see right through it if you're faking it. It just seems manipulative."

"Beyonce taught us to desire strong, independent women."