Brooklyn Artist Creates Modern Art Using Nothing But ... SEMEN

Art is art, no matter how unusual.

painting Women's Health Magazine

Modern day artists have access to all kinds of materials. Whether it's objects from a junkyard, little kids' doodles, or vegetables, if you’re creative you can make almost anything artsy.

For example, the Romanian Dan Cretu was inspired by food and these Instagrammers were inspired by all the colors of the rainbow. When inspiration strikes, you can't ignore it. 

That's exactly what Faith Holland did when she was inspired to create a painting with semen. Holland's painting, called "Sub/emissions," was featured in a Brooklyn art gallery where she was running her Technophilia show.


The show also featured another of her pieces, "Ookie Canvas I," which is made up of screenshots from RedTube, the porn-sharing site.

The question, "Why?!" might be running through your head right now as much as it's running through ours. According to Hollan, she got the idea while working on "Ookie Canvas I," and her partner asked if he could be a part of the project.

"I thought, if he wanted to contribute, others might, too, and posted a call for submissions on a whim," she said to Women's Health Magazine.

"Ookie Canvas I," in turn, was derived from an earlier work, "Visual Orgasms," which is "a series of GIFs that uses the visual language of censored Hays Code Hollywood to depict sex."


"This reflects the pressure that Hollywood felt to represent orgasm visually — even under self-imposed rules not to — as well as the cum shot in pornography, which 'proves' the veracity of the pleasure in the scene," she said.

To create her masterpiece, Hollan asked people for "anonymous submissions of CUM SHOTS that will be used as part of an artwork." Any gender could submit as long as the submission was the result of an orgasm. She received around 50 to 60 photos, which she put into a collage with the ejaculate masked out. They were then arranged and colored into a masterpiece.

"Norman Rockwell may not be, but it's definitely interesting," she said.

Check it out. It's certainly a ... unique piece. 


Source: Women's Health Magazine