9 Gorgeous Instagrammers Simply KILLING The Split-Dye Hair Trend

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The Split-Dye Hair Trend

You've probably noticed that neon dyed hair has been flooding your newsfeed. But there's another brow-raising trend that's starting to take off.

Choosing to op out of the natural, mom-approved hairstyles (whatever that means) these ladies are rocking split-dyed hair.

Because why have one color when you can have two?

Sudsyfaery takes rainbow colored hair to the next awesome level.

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rainbow hair

Vainalocca chose the best colors EVER.

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pink and purple hair

Ashcostello's blonde + black hairdo = best of both worlds.

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red and black hair

This perfect blend by Georgeelaav looks so natural.

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reddish brown hair

Hentai.slime is killing it with fifty shades of blue, green and lavender.

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lavender and green hair

A mix between the granny hair and split dye trend? Thecolormix, you're doing it right.

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granny hair

Excuse us while we swoon over Nicole_Bichsel's sexy fishtail braid.

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rainbow braid

Sadie = A vintage beauty.

Photo: Instagram
lavender and blonde

Pink and green hair, don't care. Bstarfashion's hair game is strong.

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pink and green hair