There Are People Who Actually Put Ice Cubes In Their Cereal

Just...what? Is this a thing?

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Peanut butter and chocolate, ice cream and cake, and hot dogs and mustard are OK, but ice cubes and cereal?

Thanks to our friend, the internet, putting ice cubes in your cereal is now a thing. People who used to hide their ice-cube and cereal shame are coming forward and announcing to the world that putting ice cubes in their cereal is what they do. And they're tired of apologizing for it (and Tweeting about it).


Some people like their cold things cold and their hot things hot, and they're not really into things that are room-temperature or lukewarm. Some people really want the milk in their cereal to be cold, so putting ice cubes in it keeps it cold. If the milk gets watered down in the process, so be it; it's the coldness of the milk that counts, not intensity of the dairy flavor.

I know people put ice in their coffee to cool it down or send back their soup if it's not hot enough. I even sometimes zap ice cream in the microwave to soften it up. I get liking things a certain way, but the frenzy in sharing it? I don't get. 


Putting ice cubes in your cereal is a preference, not a political act, and it's not a cause. The funny thing is, this isn't even a new trend! People have been talking about this since 2012.

What I love the most are the incessant pictures. Do you really need to see a bunch of pictures of ice in cereal?

Picture a bowl of your favorite cereal — a sugary one might work best. I've also seen pictures of bowls of bran cereal with ice. OK, got the picture of the bowl of cereal in your head? Now, picture some ice in it. Got it? No? OK then.

The glories of a bowl of cereal with ice are pretty exciting. I hope you're sitting down for this one:


Photo: Twitter/blinkteesmgc

Notice how the oblong shapes of the ice make them look as if they were glaciers floating in a cereal-milk sea:


The multi-colored cereal really pops as the ice cubes rapidly melt:


Photo: Twitter/youngDimSum

If you use regular cow's milk, soy milk, or even orange juice with your cereal, that's totally fine. You can have your cereal be whatever temperature you like.

As for me, I truly don't care; I just toss the milk when I'm done. It's only there to wet the cereal anyway.