The #1 Question You MUST Ask BEFORE You Sign The Divorce Papers

This video will help you determine what's right for YOU.

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Divorce is a word that all married couples want to keep out of their marriage vocabulary. Along with the pain of ending a long, loving and meaningful commitment, there are many other aspects of the broken relationship at stake.

The constant fighting and emotional distance between you and your spouse leaves you wondering, "Should I stay, or should I go? What is the right decision for me?"

While your marriage may feel like its careening on the precipice of failure, there can still be hope for you and your spouse. It's important to consider that it may not actually be over... no matter how angry, annoyed, hurt, betrayed or completely DONE you may feel with your spouse. 


In the Quickies video above, divorce coach Dr. Karen Finn strongly urges couples to reflect on their marriage before making a terrible, regrettable and irreversible decision.

According to the Daily Mail, "50 percent of divorcees have regrets about their breakup, a study revealed. Researchers found that after the dust settle, 54 percent experienced second thoughts about whether they had made the right decision, with many realizing they miss or still love their ex-partner."

With this in mind, Dr. Karen Finn suggests considering this SUPER important question before signing the divorce papers: 


Is there abuse, an untreated addiction, or is it just a really bad environment for you (and possibly your kids)?

If you answered with a resounding, "Yes!" then get the heck outta there. This relationship isn't safe or healthy for you or your children. "You need to get the help you need, and go! Go now!" Dr. Karen Finn fervently says.

Any form of abuse — emotional, physical, sexual or financial — warrants a divorce. Sometimes they're difficult to spot, but when they're finally obvious within your relationship, you MUST pack your bags and run to a safe place away from your dangerous spouse.

If your partner can't come to terms with his or her addiction and can't accept that it's a major problem, he/she isn't going to listen to you (or anyone else). Get out of there before the problem escalates!


Otherwise, if you're marriage isn't going that badly, scroll up to the video above to hear Dr. Karen Finn's expert advice that can help you repair your broken marriage.