10 Things You *Absolutely* Need In Order To Fall Hopelessly In Love

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How do people fall in love? Does it happen because they're hit by Cupid's arrow, or is it something predestined? Are love potions or spells involved?

What do you actually need to fall into that crazy, wonderful, horrible thing called love?

Elizabeth Phillips, a PhD student in applied experimental and human factors psychology at the University of Central Florida, believes she's identified (with the help of David Levy's book, Love + Sex with Robots) factors explaining why and how people fall in love.

Interestingly enough, one of Phillips' interests is human-robot love and intimacy.

She says, "I have an interest in how robots and other technologies are changing the way we interact with the world and one another, including the future of human relationships."

According to her, these are the 10 things you need to fall in love:

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Now that you know what you need to fall in love, actually doing it should be easy. So get out there and find your flame.

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