10 Signs Kourtney Kardashian Should've Left Scott Disick Forever Ago

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Kourtney Kardashian should have kicked Scott Disick to the curb forever ago.

If you're on a show about people who are famous for doing nothing, and you're only on that show because you're dating one of the cast members, then don't mess around. Somebody in that situation would be as barely famous as somebody could be without being famous. Take Scott Disick, for example. He only gets to pretend to be famous because Kourtney Kardashian invites him along, so it would be really dumb of him to mess around on her.

It turns out, Disick really is that dumb. When rumors started spreading that Scott was cheating on Kourtney, she just dumped him. You should never cheat on your significant other, but especially not when they're in charge of whether you continue to appear on TV or not. Scott's not going to get his own TV show (but if he did, he could call it "Dicking It With Disick".

Kourtney Kardashian shouldn't be surprised though. Scott Disick stood out as horrible person on a show about the Kardashians. That's a huge achievement. Now the 32-year-old father of three is apparently dating an 18-year-old, proving once and for all that Kourtney is WAY too good for this midlife-crisis having fool. Here are 10 signs Kourtney should've picked up on it and dumped Scott way sooner.

The only people that go into "beast mode" are athletes and serial killers. Scott Disick isn't currently signed to any professional teams, so...
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scott disick beast mode
Scott Disick shops at K-Mart? K-Mart makes Wal-Mart look like Target. Gross.
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scott disick
He either has a huge ego, or he's using the incorrect definition for "big star."
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scott disick big star
Hey, if everybody finds something wrong with you, maybe they're not the problem. You should probably sit down and think about your life and the decisions that you're making.
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scott disick
Scott really seems like the sort of guy that drinks the blood of his victims.
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scott disick look perfect
Nobody ever called Scott a "social butterfly." Unless he's referring to the voices in his head, but even then I doubt that's what they're telling him.
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scott disick social butterfly
Pretty bold statements from a guy who doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page.
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scott disick
He clearly makes a lot of assumptions. For example:
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scott disick
Look at the guy in the background here, look at how scared he is. It's like he knows that Scott is out for blood, and that poor guy is just sitting there, right next to him, all full of the stuff.
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scott disick scared guy
This is basically a confession. By arrogance, he means his insatiable blood lust.
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scott disick arrogance