3 Bombshells About Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber's Romance

This is hard to Belieb!

3 Things To Know About Kourtney And Justin's Romance Rumors weheartit

Bad boy musician and international superstar Justin Bieber has been recently linked to Kourtney Kardashian (whose claim to fame is sister Kim Kardashian and reality tv).

They are apparently a thing ... or at the very least hooking up (Netflix and chill?).

Although, there's some blurred lines in this theory (which the duo is no stranger to), it seems that there's some romance in the air.

Here's what you need to know about Bieber possibly being Kourtney's new bae.


1. They keep getting spotted together.

The two have been spotted together on more than one occasion. And, quite frankly, if you're hanging out with a 36-year-old (at 21) there's something going on. Really, who wants to just hang out with someone 15 years older just for kicks? 

I'm not convinced, otherwise. Not to mention, they arrived and dined separately — then, left together. 

But, perhaps Kourtney is escorting Justin to visit Kendall (with a pit stop to Universal Hollywood, duh!) because remember they were a thing first back in September. 

Oh the possibilities!



2. Is Kourtney getting even?

We know two things. One, Kourtney's boyfriend/baby daddy, Scott Disick has been gallivanting around with an 18-year-old, Lindsay Vrckovnik, lately. 

Two, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So, we're thinking she's dangling the Biebs ... you know, the way you dangle meat for a dog to come running to you. 

But, if she's playing these games there's still a chance that she wants Scott back and J.B. is just a rebound. Not that he minds ... chances are he's still got Selena on the brain.


3. They started as friends before sparks started flying.

Justin is a long time family friend of the Kardashian/Jenner gals. He's been there for everything from birthdays to pool parties and vice versa, so it's not hard to believe there'd be sparks flying with one of the sisters.