5 Reasons I'm 100 Percent Against The Dad Bod, Now And Forever

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By Catie Currie

We get it — to some (cough cough Leonardo DiCaprio), the dad bod is all the rage right now. No longer are men in their 20's competing to see who can bench press the most, rather who can sport the biggest beer belly.

Through a plethora of blogs and social media accounts, the dad body has received praise solely from men who want to justify their "right to be lazy." It's a double standard in the truest of forms — since when are men applauded for weight gain and women criticized?

Guys: summer is here and it's time to hit the gym again — read up on why (unless you're a dad) nobody wants to see that dad bod.

1. It's Not Healthy
According to Mackenzie Pearson, a Clemson University student who wrote the article that made the Dad Bod go viral, "The dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time."

Because this lifestyle makes PERFECT sense for full-grown men who probably have the potential to be at their physical peak.

2. It's A Double Standard
Anytime a woman gains weight it's talked about in a negative way. Fat-shaming is all around us, all the time — from high school gossip in the hallways to celebrity tabloids, and it's only made worse by social media. So HOW does it make sense that the opposite is happening for men?

3. It's Not Attractive
Would you rather your guy work hard at the gym for rock hard obliques and triceps, or would you rather he sit on the couch all day for... well, flab? Like, REALLY is there anyone out there who loves a good ol' double chin and a layer of ab fat?

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4. It's An Excuse
What if, just maybe, all of the fratty 20-something males out there formed a conspiracy to cover up their laziness with some huge new egoistic movement? Suddenly, these guys are brainwashed to think that drinking all night, sleeping all day, and having no responsibilities is just AWESOME — and so is the resulting Dad Bod.

5. It's Swimsuit Season
Come on, guys. Going to the beach this summer will NOT be fun if you look like that.

This article was originally published at Guest Of A Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.