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7 Things You Only Know To Be True When Your Mom Is Your BFF

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Everyone needs a BFF. And sometimes, you just gotta go with what you know.

Having your mom be your best friend comes with plenty of perks. Nobody knows you better, and they've already had practice cleaning up your puke when you go a little too crazy at happy hour.

But there are a few key differences when your mom is your BFF, and if you're in this situation, you know it's way different than dealing with someone your age.

You'll always have a couch to crash on when you've partied too hard. Just remember to take your shoes off first.

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couch 1

Computers. You're not only her BFF; you're her IT staff. So many acronyms.

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IT staff 2

There are no secrets. So don't cross her, and she won't bring up the fact that you used to wet the bed in third grade.

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secrets 3

You can never complain or be ungrateful. Because SHE BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD, AND SHE CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT, damnit!

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threaten 4

You need a second BFF to talk about your sex life with because ewww, gross.

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gross 5

Old people can straight up out-drink you. They have many more years of experience in developing their tolerance. Don't even try to keep up with them.

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Facebook is serious business. Moms don't f*ck around when it comes to Facebook. You WILL get phone calls asking you about some half-remembered comment you posted flippantly 3 weeks ago.

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