WTF?? This Woman Almost Died From Wearing ....THIS

Photo: weheartit
Woman Loses Feeling In Her Legs Because Of Her Skinny Jeans

Take heed, ladies. Take heed.

A lot of us love a good pair of skinny jeans. These jeans are great at showing off our legs, our excellent shoe game, and our positive qualities.

But some of us have taken our love for these jeans to dangerous lengths.

A 35-year-old Australian woman lost all feeling in her legs. The situation started the day after she was squatting while helping a relative move out of their house ... while wearing skinny jeans, according to news.com.au

Her feet went numb and she collapsed, unable to move. After being taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital with swollen legs, doctors cut off her jeans. She was diagnosed with "compartment syndrome."

The muscles and nerves in her lower legs were so damaged that she needed four days to fully use her legs again, and to make sure her kidneys don't have lasting damage.

The good news is that she's OK, and it's very unlikely more people will suffer from this because of skinny jeans.

"I have not heard of this being an issue with skinny jeans, but it is an issue with tight bandages and plaster casts," vice president of Australian Orthopedic Association, Andreas Loefle, tells news.com.au"There's just not enough blood supply to the muscles and some muscles actually die, which is why it's such a serious issue."

Damn, those skinny jeans must have been pretty tight to cause so much damage. At least she taught us a great lesson: never force yourself into pants that are too small for you.