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Whoa! This Model's Killer Legs Are Craaaaazy Long

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Whoa! This Model's Killer Legs Are Craaaaazy Long

The average height for female models in the fashion industry is about 5 foot, 9, according to ABC News

We've all dreamed about having long and defined legs but gorgeous Chinese model Dong Lei is on some next-level sh*t.

Not only does Lei stand at 5 foot 11, her killer legs pan over 45 inches!

Let's break that down.

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This means that her legs are the average size of a 7-year-old child (!!!!!)

She first became popular after competing in the Chinese television program "Supermodel" where she slayed her competition with her long limbs.

(Her tall genes come from her mother and father, who are 5 foot 7 and 6 foot 1, respectively.)

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Lei is very humble about her newfound stardom, though.

She says "I find it incredible that I have suddenly become an internet celebrity! I really enjoy my life and work at this moment, I fly around a lot and my work is also partly like a holiday. I will work hard to succeed going forward and hope for the best."

Here are a few pictures of the stunning, super-leggy model:


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