This Girl's Optical Illusion Photo Went Viral Because It's Hilarious

Photo: Imgur
Optical Illusion Photo

This is too funny.

When you put together an outfit, you tend to look for something cute, while trying to avoid others making crazy comparisons of you. After all, who wants to become a weird meme on the internet?

But this girl not only has on a cute outfit, she also made a crazy comparison of it herself and *totally* owned it.

A young woman that goes by "beedat" on Imgur came across a floor that looked very similar to her outfit. She then lied across it, and created an illusion of her melting into the floor.

"I walked into the room and realized the floor had chosen the same outfit," reads the caption.

Photo: Imgur

The photo has taken off with 2,157,173 views and many comments on the interesting situation. At least her outfit (and the carpeting!) both have good taste.