These Photos Prove That Breastfeeding Moms Are Basically Goddesses


breastfeeding Ivette Ivens/Facebook

Photographers have been kicking butt lately by breaking down barriers society has around mothers. We recently found one who has a United We Feed series to show that both breastfeeding and bottle feeding are beautiful.

Now, another photographer is showing that there's nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public.

Photographer Ivette Ivens has a series called "Breastfeeding Goddesses" where mothers breastfeed their little ones in public — and look beautiful while doing it.


"My own experience inspired me to spread the word and encourage other mothers, as well as non-mothers, to see breastfeeding the way it's supposed to be seen," Ivans explains to Mashable. "My message is simple: anywhere, anytime."

It can be tough to feed your baby when some consider it public indecency. Many mothers try to hide under fabrics or even feed over a toilet when outside of their homes. It's not only unsafe and sometimes unsanitary, but it's also much more difficult and inconvenient.

Many of the mothers in the pictures wear light fabrics or are completely nude. They look happy and carefree, which is very different from the world we live in.


"My images might seem unrealistic, and I'm not aiming to show the raw side of it," Ivans continues. "My goal is to reveal how each mother feels while breastfeeding their child."

Below are some of Ivette Ivens most beautiful images:



All Photos: Ivette Ivens/Facebook