STUNNING Photos Capture Moms Feeding Their Babies (As They See Fit)

Photo: Photography By Caitlin Domanico

Mothers are usually at war over whether breastfeeding or formula is the way to go. Usually, the two argue over what's best and get overly-defensive of their choices. But Caitlin Domanico is trying to get new moms on the same team with a cool new project.

Domanico has created a series of photos called "United We Feed," which features moms feeding their babies exactly how they see fit.

"Everybody's journey is so different," Domanico tells The Huffington Post. "I love being able to tell their story and hopefully chisel away at that silly term 'Mommy Wars' with one photograph at a time, by showing that we are all humans with a unifying goal in mind  to love our little babies with all of our soul."

The photographer says she has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the series, and even has moms asking her to be part of the project. She hopes to have the images appear in a gallery in Philadelphia, the city where she works.

"It is through this project I envision uniting mothers across all walks of life, while simultaneously teaching my daughters that other women are not the enemy," says Domanico. "We owe it to each other to foster a community that is deeply rooted in respect for one another, after all, motherhood is amazing. It is filled with joy, love, and can be so incredibly gratifying."

Here are five gorgeous photos from the series:

All Photos: Caitlin Domanico