She Takes Her Hair Out Of A Towel And BOOM: Amazing, Luscious Hair

Photo: weheartit
Simple Curly Hair Routine

You must see this incredible "hair plop" trick.

The curly hair struggle is no joke. There are times where maintaining my curls takes WAY more effort than it's worth, which usually ends up with me leaving my house with the ultimate bedhead (or looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket). There's simply no such thing as getting ready in five minutes in my vocabulary.

I've spent years trying to achieve the perfect balance between thick and wavy curls, and my routine is still lacking.

So when I first saw this video of YouTube user Donata White using a T-shirt (!!!!!) as part of her routine for maintaining her wet hair, I was a little skeptical.

After all, nothing is ever that easy, right?

But watching  the end result of how amazing her hair looks just from wrapping something so simple as a T-shirt around it before bed blows my mind. I've never heard of the "hair plop" trick before but will definitely be trying it to eliminate the risk of frizzy hair and flat curls.

H/T: Diply