We Need To Own One Of These Floating Houses, Like, Immediately

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 Floating Vacation Home In Dubai

If you've been looking for a romantic place to buy a vacation home with your partner (and also have tons of cash to burn), you may want to get thee to Dubai.

The city of Dubai is most known for its beautiful architecture and scorching weather. Now, Dubai developer The Kleindienst Group is aiming to combine the best of both worlds by creating stunning houses that float above water.

Yes, you read that right: These homes float above the water.

Part of an artificial island project known as "The World",  the development group is planning on building 42 floating houses (appropriately named "Floating Seahorses") over the next year. According to The Kleindienst Group, these homes are essentially super-luxurious boats that will feature three different floor levels: underwater, sea level, and the upper deck. 

Um, where do we sign up?

Here are a few pictures of these astonishing houses:

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With a roof deck that has floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi, we would never leave this room.

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That view is simply breathtaking.

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Can you imagine watching the stars from here?

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There's nothing like getting some fresh air without having to worry about breathing in the city's pollution.

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This is the bathtub of all ages.

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The uninterrupted view of sea life will make you think twice about ending your vacation.

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