7 Ways To Have Sex On Your Period Without Making A Damn Mess

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It goes without saying: we'll always get our period at the exact moment we rather not. Whether it's before a beach vacation or when we have sex weekend plans, Aunt Flow really knows how to kill the mood.

Except she doesn't have to.

Don't always put your sex lives or intimacy on hold because of your period. It can become very frustrating for both parties over time, says Dr. Yvonka, clinical sexologist. Determine when it's manageable and find ways around it. Find ways to enjoy each other no matter what the circumstances.

If we always put our intimacy aside when life or biology happens, we may never have sex. This is the case for many people, but it shouldn't have to be this way. In fact, You may like end up liking period sex a lot. So, consider that influx of hormones and all that extra lubrication your period provides.

1. Use toys for stimulation.

Wear a tampon and have your lover bring you to orgasm with a vibrator, suggests sex expert Dana Myers. If you're uncomfortable having him see the string, wear a pair of sexy panties during the session. Feeling the vibrations over your undies should feel great, too. 

2. Just go with the flow ... literally.

Wait until your lightest day, then lay a dark towel down on the bed and go about your business as usual, says Myers. Periods are normal, and orgasms make you feel good.

There might be a bit of mess, but who cares? Plus, "messy" can add an element of raw sensuality to the whole experience.  

3. Consider doing positions with less "drippage."

While you're at it, think of gravity. For example, going at it on your back or side will lead to less mess than if you're on top.

4. Try shower sex.

A great way to avoid the mess or embarrassment — even though you really don't have to feel that way — is shower sex. It washes down the drain right away. No spills, no mess.

5. Or, find an alternative with the backdoor.

Anal sex can be just as arousing as vaginal sex, for both parties, with the right amount of comfort, lubrication, and foreplay, says Dr. Yvonka.

6. Don't be too handsy.

Unless your partner is into that sort of thing. But their fingers emerging covered with blood, especially if they don't expect it, has the potential to be a major mood killer.

7. Avoid penetration altogether.

Give your guy a special present with your mouth, and avoid the period area entirely. He may turn out to love "that time of the month."