Teen Makes Super-Cool Art That Mixes Fantasy And Real Life

Photo: Instagram/Mr.Kriss
Kristián Mensa

There's nothing like seeing young people doing positive things and creating. Instead of just doing average 17-year-old things, this young man is getting recognized all over the world for his art.

Kristián Mensa is from the Czech Republic and is making waves over his awesome illustrations that are combined with everyday objects like flowers, food, headphones, and more. He's already started his own business by having an online gallery to how off his art, and will soon open a shop to sell his artwork.

His website also tips a hat to artists that inspire him like Troqman, a French street artist who also mixes illustrations with real objects.

Here are five of our favorite pieces from Kristián Mensa:

1. This is scary good.

2. Who doesn't love Pokemon?

3. Thor is about to put that hammer to good use.

4. What artist doesn't recreate Marilyn?

5. Who knew you could recreate "The Scream" with toilet paper?

All Photos: Instagram

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