This Pencil Shaving Artwork Is Kind Of Blowing Our Mind Right Now

Photo: Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is that you can find cool pictures of food, clothes, and beautiful landscapes. But also you can find art from artists who are doing interesting projects around their day jobs.

This teacher is one of those artists and she is on a year-long mission to create awesome pieces with pencil shavings.

Meghan Maconochie is a schoolteacher in South Africa who is turning pencil shavings into works of art for 365 days and chronicling them on Instagram

"I'm inspired by so much — from the students I teach to other Instagram artists," says Maconochie on Bored Panda. "These works are all created from hand sharpened pencils and layered on card or paper. Some take 10 minutes to do, others take hours and hours!"

You'll recognize many famous characters and people in her work like Burt Simpson, Bug's Bunny, Steve Jobs and more. She has about 100 days left for her project to finish.

Here are some of our favorites:

You're a wizard of pencil shavings, Harry.

Life without Christmas is like an unsharpened pencil — there's just no point.

iPencil — new Apple extension or what?

A legend immortalized in cedar wood. What more could you ask for?

I'd love to sing to you, Mr. President, but it looks like I've got some pencil shavings on my face.

All photos: Instagram

So beautiful! We can't to see what else she'll create.