People Who Do THIS Always Get The Job, Says Science

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What can you do to get your dream job? You have to dress the part, have the right experience, and show off your personality to make sure you're the right fit.

But you also might want to focus using your voice.

A new study found that job placers think people are smarter, more competent, and more thoughtful if they get to hear the candidate's voice.

The study formed these conclusions after having people create a pitch for the company that was interviewing them. Some wrote the pitches, while others recorded themselves saying them.

The evaluators rated those who had a recorded their pitch as intelligent and competent, even if the pitches were identical.

"Although text-based communication media such as email may be a quick and easy way to connect with potential employers, our experiments suggest that voiceless communication comes with an unexpected inferential cost. A person's voice, it seems, carries the sound of intellect," write the authors of the study.

So, if you have a way to speak to the people doing the hiring, do that instead of shooting them an email.

Researchers believe that your voice might come across better because employers can hear your enthusiasm.

"Pitch variance can convey enthusiasm, interest, the active deliberation whereas a monotone voice sounds dull and mindless. Indeed, one reason why text may not convey a person's intellect is because readers do not spontaneously add pitch variance or other paralinguistic cues into written text," explain the authors.

If you have to talk to them about getting your foot in the door, don't be afraid to add in your enthusiasm about the job.

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