We Need To Adopt This Pigtailed Bunny Like, NOW

OH, THE CUTE. We can't stand it.

Wally the bunny Instagram

Many adorable animals have gone viral or become famous thanks to their cuteness. Boo the dog is one who has a whole website devoted to his cuteness and plush toys that looks just like him. But now he might have some competition!

And that competition's name is Wally. Wally is an English Angora rabbit, which are bred for their long wing-like ears and are the oldest type of domestic rabbit.

Wally lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Molly. He was born July 2014, and he instantly became famous once she created an Instagram account dedicated to cute pictures of him. The account currently has over 80,000 followers.


It looks like the little guy likes to spend his days outside, but also inside sleeping, eating, and playing with stuffed animals.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures:


All photos: Instagram


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