Barbie Has A New Look — And You Won't Believe What Change They Made!

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Barbie Has A New Look — And You Won't Believe What Change They Made!

It's no secret that heels are uncomfortable, but many people still expect women to wear them to look professional or sexy. But where did this strange expectation that women should sacrifice the structure of their feet come from? 

We'll tell you: Barbie!

Barbie gave young girls and the world unhealthy expectations of what a female body should look like. I mean, the proportions they use to make her body is unhealthy and impossible alone. But no one has ever just been able to put flats on her ... because her feet are made for heels.

Photo: Barbie Collector

Thankfully, that nonsense is about to change. Mattel is coming out with a new Barbie's Fashionistas line and they have adjustable ankles that allow you to put flats on your doll if you want to give her a break. DID YOU HEAR THAT? BARBIE CAN WEAR FLATS. Finally — her feet are FREE.

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The line also has 23 diverse dolls with eight different skin tones, 14 different facial structures, 18 different eye colors, 22 hairstyles, and 23 hair colors.

Photo: Barbie Collector

Ugh, why couldn't this have been a thing when we played with Barbies?

You can now purchase them online. All the dolls have the same body type: skinny. But I guess this is a sign that things are heading in a positive direction.

Not too long ago, an awesome woman created comfortable stilettos. But hopefully, the new feet on Barbie will lessen the pressure on girls to wear them if they just aren't into it.

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