11 Things Anxious People Are Tired Of Being Anxious About

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Anxious People Are Tired Of Being Anxious

Turbulence is not our friend.

There's nothing glamorous about dealing with anxiety. Sometimes, you'll have moments where you panic over the smallest things out of nowhere; they'll leave you feeling f*cked​ up for daaaaaays.

We pretty much live in "crisis mode" and trust us, we are so tired of getting worked up over the following things. So very tired.

1. Turbulence. Am I the only control freak out there manifesting fiery worst-case scenarios every time the plane exhibits even the *slightest* bit of turbulence? And best you believe I'm the person doing labor breaths and repeating, "Turbulence is a matter of comfort, not safety. Turbulence is a matter of comfort, not safety." (Because that's what my airplane self-help books tell me to do.)


2. Not getting somewhere on time. We always leave plenty (read: HOURS) of cushion room to avoid the stress of willing a traffic jam to un-jam or a delayed subway car to un-delay. Do not even get me started on the time I left my iPhone at home and only realized it the moment I arrived at the airport, resulting in Home Alone-esque dash through the mean streets of Chicago while I sobbed: YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND. I HAVE ANXIETY.


3. Meeting new people. Do we have to? No really, do we have to?

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4. Deadlines. Especially the ones where we've procrastinated until 12 hours before something's due (no, anxiety does NOT preclude procrastination) and we're half-scrambling, half-swearing to ourselves we'll never, EVER wait until the last minute ever again. Spoiler alert: We wait until the last minute again.


5. Having cancer. Because fuck you, WebMD, for the many, many sleepless nights you've caused us because in the same way all roads lead to Rome, all symptoms lead to cancer.


6. Unanswered texts. Are they mad? Worse, are they dead? #totallyrational


7. Everyone else's driving abilities. People with anxiety make fantastic backseat drivers. It's totally not annoying at all to have an extra person letting you know when you're riding someone else's ass, right?

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8. Confrontation. Just no. We're huge believers that any and all issues can be worked out through email or Facebook chat. Don't call me and don't you f*cking dare show up at my house.


9. Our parent's health. See #5 but insert your parent's symptoms. This one gets us especially riled up because the thought of life without our Mom and Dad is just...beyond incomprehensible.

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10. Finances. Thank god for financial advisors who bring some sort of semblance to 401Ks, Roth IRAs, stocks and bonds and...oh wait, we just fell asleep. But seriously: We're obsessive about saving and investing because SHOCKER: Not being financially secure in the future stresses us out.


11. To-do lists. For every item we cross off, why do three more appear? You're cruel, God.