9 Simple Things You Should NEVER Lie To Anyone About (EVER)

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no one likes a liar
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No one likes a LIAR.

[Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Emmy award-winning TV personality and producer Tamsen Fadal's book 'The New Single' hitting shelves June 2, 2015.]

I know it’s tempting. I know that it’s not always easy to come clean upfront when you are trying to make an amazing first impression, but there are simply some critical things you cannot lie about. For the self-help critics, I am sure the next thought is: so you are saying you can lie about some things? No. No. No. But if you have any intention of fibbing, hiding, or disclosing at a later date — avoid the below.

1. Age

It’s too difficult to keep track. And eventually the truth comes out.

2. Your Job

Not your dream job. Not the one you just applied for. The one that is currently sending you a paycheck.

3. Your True Relationship Status

Divorce means papers are signed. It doesn’t mean we are living together but have been talking about separating.

4. Pets

He could have allergies.

5. Height

Unless you plan on dating him via the Internet forever, don’t bother to lie about this one, especially if you prefer heels to flats.

6. Interests

Please don’t pretend you are okay camping when in reality your idea of roughing it is the Ritz-Carlton.

7. Whether Or Not You Smoke

Unless you have been wearing the patch for two years, please don’t pretend you don’t smoke. Lying about it is more of a turnoff for nonsmokers than doing it.

8. Whether You Have Roommates

I know things can be tough financially, but you need to ’fess up to this one. He will know in time if it’s a one-way street to his house only.

9. What You Are Looking For

If you are looking to date, don’t tell him you would be fine with a casual fling. It’s not him who will suffer in this; it’s you. Focus on what you want — don’t conform constantly in order to try and get it.

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This article was originally published at 'The New Single' by Tamsen Fadal. Reprinted with permission from the author.