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C'est Magnifique! 11 Reasons French Men Make The Best Husbands

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My husband, Olivier, is French. We met one night a few years ago in a Parisian cabaret in Montmartre and had one of those whirlwind romances I never believed existed before I met him. It was, dare I say, perfect.

As a born and raised New Englander who moved to New York City 12 years ago, and is married to a born and raised Parisian, we definitely have a pretty interesting relationship. Culturally, we are very different.

Something you don't realize until you're married to a foreigner: at least 10 percent of our day is devoted to some "Who's on First?" banter where neither one of us has any clue as to what the other is saying.

It's darling, charming, and super adorable ― until it's not, because "OMG, man, just understand what I'm trying to say!"

I realize that there are a lot of stereotypes that come with the French, and to be honest, Olivier lives up to a few of them. That's not a bad thing, of course, but before I get into why French men make the best husbands, I thought I should mention that.

Is every single French guy out there just like Olivier? Doubtful. But, overall and from what I've gathered from other French people I know, they do get my star of approval when it comes to life partners.

Here are 11 reasons why French men kill it when it comes to being husbands.

1. Their accent is just so damn sexy.

As someone who just isn't into accents, I can say that the French accent is just ― ooh la la, mon dieu. I can never get enough of it. Even when we argue, my immediate reaction is to tackle him to the ground and smother him with love. This isn't to say we don't resolve our arguments, but there's just some sex that happens first.

2. They love your accent.

I like to think I don't have an accent, but when I speak French, Olivier does this whole swooning thing, the same one I do when he speaks. And it's really endearing and charming. Suddenly, you can't help but feel exotic and sexy. Who doesn't want to feel that way?

3. They have romance coursing through their veins.

Yes, French people being romantic is totally a stereotype, but I've always believed that some stereotypes exist for a reason. So, as is the case with the French, they are beyond romantic — like ridiculously romantic — to the point that I sometimes feel it's lost on me, because I'm not as romantic as some women. However, I'm learning to appreciate what I once thought only existed in storybooks.

4. They live for PDA.

While a lot of Americans cringe at public displays of affection, the French are all over that. If you're married to a French man, you'll never spend a single moment sulking over the fact that he won't hold your hand or kiss you in public; you'll practically be smacking him away to stop. Yes, they're that gung-ho about the PDA thing.

5. Their love of food is practically a sexual experience.

I love food. I'd go so far as to say that I love food more than anything in the world, except my dog, of course. But it wasn't until I met Olivier that I realized food isn't just about filling your belly, but enjoying each and every taste, savoring it, and really loving it. If you're not into food, then maybe a French husband isn't for you. But honestly, who isn't into food?

6. They're pros at holding a conversation.

OMG, do the French just love to talk ... and talk and talk and talk. This is awesome for when you're feeling like you'd rather be a listener or if you take them anywhere. My father, also being French, is the exact same way. Get him and Olivier together, and it's non-stop for hours; put them in a room with strangers and they're more than content.

7. They're super laid back.

Although I like to kid with Olivier that the French are lazy (they do have far more vacation time than Americans could possibly dream of), the reality is that they, literally, just take time to smell the flowers. They're never in a major rush and really enjoy just enjoying things.

Olivier has taught me to slow down a bit, which, after living in New York for over decade really isn't all that slow. But I'm working on it!

8. They know more about wine that you probably ever will.

Which, to be honest, is sexy as hell. Of course, this probably doesn't hold true if you're a sommelier, but if you're not, his knowledge will always be impressive to your friends. "No worries, you guys, Olivier chose the wine for the evening."

9. They don't play games.

The French just put it all out there. Whether they're dating you or are married to you, they don't dance around things; they get straight to the point.

10. They want to share all their French-ness.

I've yet to meet a French person who isn't overly proud to be French. The French are so into being French that that's why they're often labeled snobs and xenophobes (neither of which are totally wrong.)

But their love for their culture really pays off, because it's something they want to share. So, before you know it, you're a cheese expert who can also dole out important names and dates from the French revolution.

11. They're very open about sex.

When Fifty Shades of Grey hit the theaters this past February, France decided it was a-OK for kids as young as 12 to see it. Takeaway? The French are really open about sex — talking about sex, having sex, trying new things, and being naked. It's refreshing, and to many Americans, foreign. So, yeah ... that's another bit of awesome, too.

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