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Average People, Rejoice! 'C' Students Are More Likely To Succeed

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Some parents stress over grades and push their kids to get an above average GPA. But it all may be for nothing!

This is the time of year when students graduate and there seem to be a running theme in commencement speeches, according to Elite Daily. Students who skated by with an average GPA tend to be very successful in the real world!

The most recent speech comes from a former President: "To those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, I say, 'Well done.' And as I like to tell the C students: You, too, can be president," George W. Bush says during his commencement speech for Southern Methodist University.

He isn't the only adult who told graduates that grades don't matter. Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson also keeps it real.

"Your grades, whatever is your GPA, rapidly becomes irrelevant in your life," says the scientist during his speech at University of Massachusetts Amherst. "The most dangerous people in a free society are those who don't know ... It's OK to not know. But if you don't know, but think you do know ... That is dangerous. Those are the signs of the end of an informed democracy."

There's hope for students who just weren't really into school.

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