WOW: Stunning Photos Show Unbreakable Bond Between Adopted Sisters

Photo: elitedaily
Photos Show Just How Beautiful Being A Sibling Is

It's a fact: There's no greater feeling in the world than being a parent. It doesn't matter if they're biological, adopted, fostered or yours for a few hours. Getting to watch your kids grow up into their own persons — and guiding them along the way  is both a happy and bittersweet experience. 

No one knows that better than photographer and mom Anna Larson. She recently created the stunning series "Barely Different" around her two beautiful daughters Haven and Semenesh who, despite coming from different worlds (Semenesh was born in Ethiopia), couldn't be more alike.

According to Elite Daily, Larson started this as a bit of a hobby before it really took off. Your jaw will drop at how amazingly insightful this project turned out.

All you need to do is take one look at these striking photos and you can see just how connected to one another these two sisters are. If there's one thing that comes close to the feeling of being a parent, it's having a sister who is your best, your other half, your soul mate, your everything.

Watch the rest of their beautiful story unfold here.

H/T: Elite Daily