Screw the Dating Rules! Have The Ex Talk On Your First Date

Talking about your ex is typically a dating "don't"; do it wisely and it'll be a dating "do".

Conventional wisdom tells us never to talk about your ex on a first date but maybe conventional wisdom is wrong.  According to popular dating tips, talking about your ex means you are not over that person and still want to be with them. Is there a way that you can talk about your ex while being cautious of how it reflects you?

Dating and relationship coach Laurel House debunks the popular belief that says you shouldn't talk about your ex on a first date. Not only does talking about your ex give you the opportunity to open up to your dates, it might even make them feel good about themselves. As surprising as it sounds, it really does work! In fact, check out this strategy on never having a bad first date ever again; it just may be the key to ending those awkward silences and letting everything else fall into place. Talking about your ex on the first date is one of the best ways for someone new to understand what you are looking for in a relationship. You’re going to have the talk about your ex eventually, so the sooner the better.