11 Things To Thank Your BFF For, Like, Yesterday

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 Thank Your Best Friend

Friends come and go. We won't always be ready for it, which makes it that much harder to deal with

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how hard you try to hold on; you can't control the moment when your close friends turn into strangers. Even though you wish that things could be different between you, life isn't that simple.

But that makes you appreciate the people you do still have in your life that much more — namely, your best friend.

You never hesitate on calling her out because you know that you'll bounce back from this, unlike the rest. That right there is proof that your friendship is so, so real.

So grab your bestie and get ready to thank her for being the best b*tch you know.

She's no fairweather friend. Good, bad, the freakin' WORST, she shows up. She might not always know *exactly* what to say, but she show up — and that's huge.

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She's always brutally honest with you, even when you don't want to hear it. However, she isn't above a white lie if you just need someone to confirm that she's still young enough to wear a crop-top.

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She saw right through all of your fake friends in highschool/college/life and only rolled her eyes *a little* when those friendships (gasp!) didn't work out.

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And when you were in too deep to believe her, she secretly watched your back.

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When your ex broke your heart, she threatened to kick his ass. (And totally meant it.) And if it was you doing the breaking, she drove you to therapy ... or kick-boxing, however you got those emotions out.

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She knows when to put your happiness first, even if it means that her own takes a backseat. She also knows that support is a careful give-and-take; you pick each other up when the other is floundering.

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There's no such thing as missing your deadlines when she's around to remind you. Or email you. Or text you. Or text you again. Or text you again.

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She's the first one to suggest making it a group effort. Because cost efficiency is sexy and so is more time for margaritas.

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Friday nights with her are always feel home. In fact, she feels like home. And that's why you love her.

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She lets you get away with being an ass for a full 24 hours because she knows you're just acting out. But once that 24 is up, she slaps some sense into you, STAT.

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No matter what happens, she'll always be your person.

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