10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Basically Your Soulmate Sister

She's the Tina to your Amy!

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It's really rare to find someone who just *gets* you. But when you do, you know you've got a keeper. Usually, whenever someone gushes about their soulmate, it's always assumed that there must be a romantic connotation behind it.

But if you ask me, your significant other doesn't come close to your REAL soulmate — your best girlfriend (or guy friend)!

Honestly, it's not that crazy to believe. Not only has she seen you at your best, she's also been there for you at your worst. Remember how you spent all of those nights after a huge breakup with your mascara running down your face and your hair in a total mess?


Well, she was there. She's even seen your Kim K ugly cry and decided to stick around anyway.

Doesn't get any more real than that.

So if you're one of the lucky ones who've found their BFF soulmate, do yourself a favor and hold onto her. And if you're not sure where you stand, these are the telltale signs to look out for.

1She's the best wingwoman EVER.

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2Your inside jokes annoy the sh*t out of everyone else.

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3She knows exactly what you're thinking before you do.

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4She's the only person that can piss you off and make you laugh at the same time.

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5 She's not above babysitting you when you're drunk.

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6She may not always agree with your choices in dates, but she's always supportive. (Plus, she's not afraid of setting him straight.)

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7She never asks for permission to raid your fridge.

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8She always calls you out on your sh*t.

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9Those completely unflattering selfies that you forgot you took on her phone will never see daylight.

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10But most importantly, she isn't just "like family" to you. She IS family.

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