Your Cat's Purr Has Legit Healing Powers, Says Science

Forget your Rx. Pet your kitty.

Cat's Purr Has Legit Healing Powers weheartit

If you aren't feeling your finest, we definitely recommend resting up and hitting up a pharmacy for a sick kit (cough drops, kleenex, etc.) BUT we're also here to tell you that you've probably been overlooking one super-effective remedy: YOUR CAT.

Yes, we're serious. And it's safe to say crazy cat ladies are making a (better) name for themselves these days. (Don't worry ladies, soon enough the rest of the world will get you.)


So ... what do we mean?

According to Gemma Busquest, the vibrations created when a cat purrs has a therapeutic impact on humans — It lowers stress, blood pressure, risk of heart attack, and so much more.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the infographic below and find out the myriad ways your cat's murmurs may be just as worthwhile as any Rx.

Pet, pet. Good kitty, good kitty.

The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs Mental Floss