10 Cynical Love Quotes, Told In Grumpy Cat Memes

7 Cynical Love Quotes, Told In Grumpy Cat Memes
Love, Heartbreak

Our favorite cranky feline talks — purrs — anti-love.

Love makes the world go round ... except when it doesn't. We've all been there before, when our outlook on love isn't so bright — from relationship challenges, heartache and those messy breakups.

And who better to remind you of those crummy anti-love feelings than Grumpy Cat?

The grumpy feline just scored a major movie deal, but don't worry, Hollywood hasn't changed her yet. She's still the furry pessimist we all know and love.

See our favorite cynical love quotes from Oscar Wilde, Mae West, Woody Allen, and more over images of the grouchiest kitty on the internet.

Get even more anti-love quotes.

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