11 Scientific Reasons Make-Up Sex Is The Best Sex EVER

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 Make-Up Sex

So you just had a super, hardcore, blowout fight with your boyfriend. The kind where you’re totally right, he’s insane and no one is listening to you.

When the dust clears (and he finally admits you’re right), then it’s time for the best part of all… make-up sex! But why exactly is it the best?

Well… for a lot of reasons! Eleven to be exact.

And we’re not suggesting to start a fight on purpose but we’re just saying… make-up sex ROCKS.

It is a RUSH.

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According to Psychology Today, make-up sex has the same effects on the brain as a line of cocaine. Say no to drugs!

Love and attention are the best (duh!)

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Remember all that attention you WEREN’T getting before the fight? Yeah, now you can get all the attention you want. And it'll be doubled since you're both making up for those feelings of neglect!

You want to feel SUPER dependent.

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Anger is the opposite of dependenceso that’s why it feels even better to connect together after a fight.

Make-up sex is basically the natural follow-up to a fight.

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Fights cause adrenaline and get your blood pumping, which makes everything feel WAY more heightened and awesome.

You're both on the same page (emotionally AND physically).

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Blowing off steam and releasing some tension during a fight means you’ll be all the more in sync in the bedroom later.

Your body basically wants you to have make-up sex.

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Your brain actually transfers feelings of fear and revenge into sexual arousal. It feels great because you’re even more turned on!

Anger is the ultimate aphrosisiac.

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Anger jacks up your testosterone levels, which makes you fantasize more … than usual!

A little competition goes a long... long... LONG way.

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There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition in your arguments. Winners always end up on top!

Couples who fight the best? They make-up even better.

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Both the way you argue and the way you make up can show what kind of couple you REALLY are at the heart of your relationship. Make-up sex is the best way to remind each other why you’re together.

Make-up sex is like the (very passionate) rubber cement on the crack the fight might've caused.

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Make-up sex is a biological necessity since fighting activates your fear of the relationship ending and makes you want to keep everything in tact. Why not prove to each other it’s very much still on?

Fighting becomes actually WORTH IT... just for the sex!

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Once you get enough practice, fighting becomes your verbal foreplay and you’ve truly mastered the art of make-up sex. You're a real life Allie and Noah. Congrats!