One Soda A Day Is Slowly Killing You, Says Terrifying Study

woman drinking soda
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Put down the Mountain Dew and back away slowly.

Need yet another reason to kick your caffeine addiction? No problem, here goes:

According to Elite Daily's report, sugar has been tied to increased belly fat, heart failure, diabetes, and cancer.

The American Heart Association says women should limit themselves to six teaspoons of sugar a day and men a minimum of nine. However, your normal 12-ounce can of soda has10 teaspoons


And if you thought you're in the safe zone because diet soda is your vice, then let this be a wake-up call:

study found that people who drink diet soda actually put on more weight than people who opt for the real deal. This is because the low-calorie sweeteners are actually sweeter than those used in regular soda, resulting in the consumption (and craving) of more sugar.

Ugh. Guess we'll have to re-learn how to love water.