Now There's A Site To Sell All The Sh*t Your Horrible Ex Gave You

Welcome to the eBay for breakups.

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What's the first thing you do after a breakup? Besides wallowing with ice cream and Netflix, you gather up all the pictures, gifts and reminders of the person and hide them away in your closet forever. Well, now there's a place you can go and sell all those lovely presents you got. Never Liked It Anyway is basically a solution to moving on. Unfortunately, you'll still have to wallow — but at least you won’t be wallowing alone.


Like all brilliant ideas, the site was the result of a bad breakup.

Founder Annabel Acton told us, "My ex and I split 5 days before Christmas. I was meant to go to London to have Christmas with his family, suddenly I had these plane tickets I no longer wanted. I looked to go back to my home Australia instead — and that close to Christmas, tickets were $5,000! I decided I wasn’t $5,000 heartbroken but I kept thinking how silly this was, especially as I was sure that someone, somewhere out there has just had a breakup too — and they probably had plane tickets they wanted to get rid of!"

She continued, "I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if we could swap tickets'. Then, I started thinking about all this other beautiful stuff I had that I no longer wanted; jewelry he'd bought me, tickets to shows we were meant to see together and artwork we'd bought on lovers holiday. It was still lovely stuff — I just didn’t want it around! I started thinking about a site that would let you sell all that breakup baggage you're left with at the end of a relationship. I wanted it to be a fun, positive and cheeky site, not one that was really mean or bitter; and not one that was a big boring group hug either. I came up with the name Never Liked It Anyway, which seemed to get the attitude right — and then the rest is history!!"


There are three parts to the site.

The first part being, "buy it," (which is basically the most important part — because shopping!) where you go to buy other peoples gifts that they don’t want anymore. Ladies, there are some fine discounts on this site. You can get everything from wedding dresses and jewelry to designer handbags and apparently DVDs that someone didn’t want.

The second part of the site is "sell it," where you set up your account and can start selling off all that crap you don’t want to look at anymore. It never hurts to make a few bucks off a breakup. Plus that stuff will always remind you of an ex, so you may as well get rid of it.

The third part is "tell it," where you can go and tell your story. What happened that led you to the breakup? Let me tell you, if you're feeling bad about your breakup, someone else has had it much worse I promise.


Another perk of the site is their "Bounce Back Box." Imagine a gift box full of presents to help you get over your ex. That's exactly what it is. It's a "it's time to stop wallowing box," and some of the things included are condoms, a vibrator, a free month of Spotify and, mascara, lip gloss, hair ties, and more. It’s super cute and everyone has a friend who is going through a tough breakup so it’s a great gift.

Happy breakup, everyone!