7 "Little Things" That Make People Happier In Their Relationship

girl and guy kissing

Sometimes the "little things" are actually the "big things."

Mic conducted a survey with 1,500 people to find out which little things actually are making people happy in their relationship that have nothing to do with what people usually say is important in making a relationship work: attractiveness, ambition, security, etc.

Here are 7 things really stood out:

1. "He works night shifts and usually gets back around the time I am waking up to go to work. Without fail, I can always find a cup of tea made just the way I like in his hands as he wakes me up. It is the best way to wake up in the morning."

2. "Every so often, my boyfriend makes me a hand-drawn Valentine with a clever, personal joke and mails it to me at work."

3. "I travel a lot for work so when I'm gone my partner will send me text messages as though our pup, Zooey, is writing them. Its really sweet because he also sends pictures of her and it makes me laugh and feel genuinely missed by both of them."

4. "Dudefriend (aka the BF) makes me grilled cheese sandwiches from time to time. I remember this time after we got busy, he made me one around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. We then finished a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle together."

5. "Every single night, we tell each other 'Goodnight, sweet dreams, I'll talk to you tomorrow.' It's small and dumb, but it's like saying 'I love you' for two people who otherwise don't know how to say it."

6. "When I block him in the driveway with my car, he gets up earlier than he has to to move our cars around so I can sleep in while he goes to work!"

7. "When my boyfriend hugs me, he first puts one arm around my lower body and then one around my upper. He puts his head in my shoulder, sighs deeply, tightens the hug and whispers my name. I can feel him physically relaxing and smiling into my shoulder."

Read the full survey with responses here.