Want A Second Date? Avoid THIS In Your Online Profile [VIDEO]

Nowadays, it seems like figuring out what to write on your dating profile is harder than coming up with something to say when you actually meet in person. There is advice from one end of the spectrum to the other:  Be brilliant. Be pithy. Be funny. Be serious. Share your story. Keep it brief.  

It's really hard to gauge what works and what doesn't especially if you're new to the online dating game.

But when all is said and done, there really is just one rule that's all reputable online dating experts agree on.  Be honest.

The real question is how honest should you be? And if honesty is the gold standard, when is the "right time" to share your real feelings, desires and hopes for a budding relationship?  

Is there a timing to sharing the whole truth?  Dating Expert Dina Colada thinks that there is.

Consider this. Sometimes, getting set up with a total stranger online makes you super nervous. Consequently, instead of giving short and to-the-point answers, you go on about your life hoping that one detail will catch his eye.

But, by trying to hook him on something clever, you end up saying a little too much about your dating life—more specifically, your "ex".

According to Dina, over-sharing or inappropriate sharing is the biggest mistakes we make.  It doesn't matter what questions you're asked, resist giving away anything about your past relationships before your new date can handle it.  If you do, you're asking for failure.

The brutal truth is that if you haven't gone on a date yet, he doesn't need to know about your emotional history.

Think about it like this, would you ever date a guy who either revealed that he had a crazy ex girlfriend who isn't over him or that he was the reason his last relationship failed?  According to our friends over Huffington Post, there are 12 topics to never mention on a first date.  

So, if you're lookin to get to the second date, it sounds like the Expert's agree: be honest and stick to the safe list of topics to discuss.  Have a thought to share about this video, leave it in the comments!