JUST IN: Marrying This Type Of Person Will Get You A $4K Raise

bride and groom

Can you guess which?

When you look for a future spouse you might have a few requirements - or at least - ideals on the list of qualities they'll have: Common interests, ambition, attraction, the list goes on. But did you know that ONE specific personality trait in a partner can actually help boost your salary? 

By $4,000?

A conscientious one, according to this study.

Yes, that's right - a person with an extremely conscientious spouse is 50 percent more likely to get a promotion than someone who has a spouse who acts extremely unconscientiously.

People who are conscientious are organized, response, less impulsive, and good at planning, all traits that help their spouse in the following three ways: Firstly, they take charge of planning and doing chores, which allows their partner to invest more time in their careers. Secondly, they tend to be more satisfied in their marriages, which makes them less draining and allows their partners to better focus on their work. Lastly, conscientiousness is contagious! Their positive traits tend to rub off on their partners, which then makes them better employees.

This all sounds pretty great on paper (who doesn't want to bring in an extra $4K a year?) but what the study is essentially describing is a very passive housewife, no? Someone who handles most of the chores? Someone who is very little drama? Does this still apply if both spouses have full-time jobs and have to split the chores evenly? We hope that doesn't mean that both people's salaries would decrease.

Interesting, nonetheless.