I Tried Out A Musical Vibrator — And Whoa, Did My Body DANCE

The Lelo Siri 2 Music Vibrator vibrates in time with music, but what about my body rhythm?!

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A vibrator isn't supposed to be complicated or multi-tasking, right? You flip the switch, it vibrates, it does its job, you get off, and dunzo. Well, yeah, that's any ol' pocket rocket, and you really don't need it to do much more!

The Lelo Siri 2 Music Vibrator, however, takes a self-pleasing sex toy to a whole other level. Here's my Lelo Siri 2 Music Vibrator review so you can see how wonderful this sex toy is.


It's practically a musical instrument and it's not like other vibrators since it has sound modes and is a vocal training tool. I didn't explore that last part, due to time constraints. Plus, it delivered a powerful climax and I was tired after.

But does it do too much? Does its variety of functions detract or subtract from its pleasure provision? Well, I haven't yet tested all of its options, because there are so many! But I'll get there.


The egg-shaped toy is not battery powered. It actually charges via your laptop port. So I plugged it in to the computer and then proceeded to read the directions. I know, the notion of needing to absorb the information in an instruction booklet is fine for, like, vacuum cleaners or IKEA furniture, but a vibrator? It's pretty self-explanatory. But not this baby! You hold down two buttons for three seconds and it will then vibrate in time with and react to whatever music or sounds it hears.

I played a heavy metal song with lots of percussion by the band Attila and cradled the toy, which made of soft silicone, in my hand. It immediately began thumping along with the beat and had me squealing with giggly glee. It was like a music toy for a moment. I quickly switched gears and played Barry White's "Can't Get Enough" and while Barry White has the voice of sex, my Siri 2 mildly responded, understandably so. White's voice may ooze sex, but the song was soft, slow, and it didn't set Siri off.

Siri 2 has many modes and it took me a few minutes to figure out which I wanted to use and how to get it to detect the music, but that was simply due to my novice nature and lack of practice.

Despite the copious song choices at my disposal and mulling over the notion of playing a highly percussive song to get this thing (and me) going, I went uptempo with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and went to town. Dayum, T. Swizzle! Who knew your cheerleader-y song could make a vibrator go nuts?


To Siri 2's credit, as well, the motor is pretty strong. But since it's not a sexy song, I found the "haters gonna hate" chorus, which I was humming, a bit distracting from the task at hand, but it didn't deter me. 

What makes the fact that the vibrator pulsates in time with music so stimulating is that the pulsating is not continuous or predictable. It's not a continuous motor-like hum and you are left wondering what will come next and how fast. It speeds up and slows down in accordance with what it hears so it keeps you going!

We live in a world of smartphones that could power NASA. Why not have samesies with our sex toys?


I hope you enjoyed my Lelo Siri 2 Music Vibrator review because this sex toy got me where I needed to go. And while I felt the music was slightly distracting, I am no longer a Siri 2 virgin and I plan to play with the settings and try other songs and other speeds. It's truly a customized orgasm