NEVER Say These 10 Things To A Stay-At-Home Mom

mom holding kids

By Crystal Carder

1. "What do we do all day?" 

Go ahead pay your daycare lady to watch your kid because that's her job. But let a kid stay at home with a mom and dad and it's what do they do all day. Speaking from experience, it's a lot more than just watching kids.

2. "Of course you're fit you have so much time on your hands"

Whether or not someone is a SAH mom or professional bodybuilder, being in shape takes lots of work and so do kids.

3. "Your so lucky you never have to worry about being sick, you can be lazy all the time"

Ha!, I tend to chuckle with that one too. Have you met my bosses? They stand a little over 3 feet tall and demand my time even when I am sick.

4. "My job is so stressful, you're lucky you don't have to deal with it" 

Excuse me, have you ever been alone 12 hours in a house with screaming,  fighting toddlers who all demand your attention all at once?, let's talk stress.

5. "Your home all day and that is the best thing you can wear"

Sorry if my leggings and jogging pants aren't up to your standards, but forgive me if I don't have time to look in the mirror after dressing,  feeding and cleaning 3 kids.

6. "My house is cleaner than yours" 

Bravo! But I bet your house doesnt have kids running behind you, as you clean, tearing things back up either.

7.  "Can you do…"

Let me stop you right there,  just because I am home all day doesn’t mean I suddenly have time to run your errands. In reality I'm lucky if I have time to pee alone.

8.  "I don't have time to do that like you do"

Umm, no just no.

9. "Some of us actually work"

Is that what you tell your child’s daycare provider or teacher as they do the same things we SAH moms do but with your child?

10. "I can't afford it, being a SAH mom is for the rich"

Being a SAH mom takes lots of sacrifices, in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I went out and bought myself something nice. So while you’re bragging your new Coach purse and wallet, remember I’m choosing to be with my kids over having things.

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This article was originally published at BlogHer. Reprinted with permission from the author.